Welcome to Mountain River
Academy of T’ai Chi Ch’uan

The purpose of Tai Chi Chuan is to feel good. Originally designed for self defense, it has been refined into a slow,graceful, rhythmic exercise which has gained popularity over the years as an exercise for health and meditation.

Learning Tai Chi Chuan starts with the slow movements. The mind as well as the muscles must be relaxed and the limbs and the waist kept flexible. For beginners, the gentle twisting of the waist provides exercise to the internal organs. Advanced students will find this effect is accentuated by the matched slow, deep, and quiet abdominal breathing. For the purpose of self defense, the movements become lightning fast.

After practicing, one feels a sense of well being, not fatigue or exhaustion. By increasing the free flow of energy to one's whole being, Tai Chi Chuan works to restore the harmony and balance between one's physical, mental, and spiritual natures. Habitual practice will make the body agile and graceful, the mind alert and serene, and will promote good health.